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The Empirical < Reality

Empirical Realism posits that material and experienced evidences (in closed and open systems) are enough to isolate and pinpoint causes or mechanisms that make up reality. That is, for the empirical realists, the Domain of the Empirical (experiences) and the... Continue Reading →

Multiple Strata, Ontological Emergence, and Depth Realism

In the chapter on Experiment and Depth Realism, Collier (1994) explains how experimentation enables us to discover causes or mechanisms in nature that are otherwise inexperienced, unactualized, or experienced and actualized differently in nature because of other acting mechanisms, by creating a closed system where the Domain... Continue Reading →

Linking Bhaskar and Collier

According to A Realist Theory of Science by Roy Bhaskar (2008), the two kinds of existing knowledge are the Intransitive and Transitive knowledge. He defines the first as a body of information that exists independent of man’s intervention (e.g. That... Continue Reading →

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